Saturday, November 12, 2005

I love my Mommy

I would like to let everyone know how much I love the Blessed Virgin Mary. Or rather, how much she loves me, and induces me to love her more. I call her my Mommy now, because she helps me with everything. She is helping me grow in all holiness, in spite of my being clueless.

I love my Mommy, because she has shown herself to be so good to me.

She kisses my ouchies. I have had deep hurt in my heart, but she has shown me compassion. And she does it with such love and generosity, overlooking any possibility that I deserved something bad.

She looks on me graciously. She inspires hope! Seeing all my attempts to do what is right, and to please God. She has pity on my low condition.

She welcomes me into her life! She is so joyous at my arrival! What is it she sees in me? How I desire to respond to her in like manner! I am hindered somewhat, though. My heart is not open enough. I must do something about this. I must cast off whatever is hindering me from such a welcome embrace!

She is my Mother, and knows how to fix my problems. All I have to do is point to them. I do not understand them. I do not know what I am supposed to do with them. But she knows. She knows just what I need to do to please God in these uncertainties.

She is the Queen of Heaven - elevated by God to the highest point possible for a pure creature, above all the other angels and saints, and most powerful. I can rely on her. No one is going to push her aside. I am not ashamed to be under her patronage. I will let her rule over me for the glory of God.

She knows what best to do to please Jesus, Our Saviour. I can bank on her wishes being the best possible investment of my own time and energy. Paying her my tribute is the best investment to the praise of Our Saviour and God, for her soul magnifies the Lord. She does this better than anyone, including my own self. I will serve her in this! I will help her thank God. I will offer Jesus the offerings of Mary in place of my own.

As I strive more and more to put off the old man, I defer to Mary as to what I should think, love, feel, say, and act. She knows Jesus more than I, and I am as one in her womb being formed by her into the likeness of Jesus.

I love my Mommy and give her all I have, even spiritually. Besides, I am small and it is a burden to manage them. I love poverty so that I may have her love, and she may turn my offering into glory for God. I soon find myself automatically in love with Jesus, united with Jesus in loving Mary. Jesus emptied Himself out of love. I understand now. Jesus gives all, if only for our love. "If you lose your life for My sake, you will find it." I understand now.

Finally, someone who loves Jesus as He deserves, who can be a true model for me - no, more than a model, someone who helps me along, too! Someone who deserves all my love, such that in me giving it, I become like Jesus.

I love my Mommy! She is the true Christian without reproach, with all grace, with all honor, with all helpfulness. She is the Queen of all Christians and our Mother. She takes me to Heaven!

"You must be like a little child to enter the Kingdom of Heaven." I understand now.

O Mommy, who helps me through difficulties, embarrassments, ignorance, and weaknesses. I love you! O Mommy, who renders my little offerings into priceless treasures in Jesus' eyes, I love you! O Mommy, I am sorry you are so neglected, ignored, and offended. But I love you!